Company Profile

We are an international organization and we believe in promoting the culture and festivals we are of the firm belief that ingrained cultural values are an expression of social commitment and they actively contribute to the very essence of life.  Our company has been established with the aim of promoting folklore and festivals.

Our purpose

  • We intend conducting regular celebrations of music, dance, and festivals in the community. We are tourist and community friendly, culturally diverse and are committed to culture sustainability and various other eco-friendly initiatives too.

Our Vision

  • To provide a platform to performers of various genres to come up and showcase the cultural richness of local folk festivals and other culturally rich traditions. to encourage the participation of local artisans and craftspeople to bring out age-old and traditional art forms out into the open and make them an integral part of the festival.

Our mission

  • To build long-term relationships with the community in general and ensure that tradition and folk art and culture is kept alive and keeping growing to be passed down from generation to generation. Our mission also includes providing all the necessary services and support required to promote folk festivals and art.

Core Values  

  • We believe in treating all those associated with us and our company with utmost respect and inculcating a sense of faith and trust in them. We believe in the power of honesty, integrity and total commitment to our goals at every level of our work. this includes treating our staff and all our volunteers who are the very heart and soul of our organization with dignity and care and also provide them with ample opportunities for their personal and professional development and growth.

By enhancing culture and traditional ethics of our life and being instrumental in promoting community activities in our surrounding regions we feel a sense of achievement and belongingness towards upholding all the values that folk festivals bring with them.