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Importance Of Reviving And Promoting Folk Festivals

Folk festivals all over the world celebrate traditional folk art, music and dance. Most festivals are multi-genre but mostly focus on showcasing ethnic arts and traditional cuisine. Handicrafts are also exhibited on a large scale at such events and other festival-like gatherings. All of these have their roots embedded in the rural craft of their community. Like all other arts and crafts, celebrating folk festivals also has a lot of cultural, political and religious significance. Organizing festivals related to tradition and culture has a lot of benefits for the community and the people living in it. Well organized and well-managed festivals are fast becoming famous and people eagerly look forward to being a part of such annual features. such events have a host of benefits like-

Sense of belongingness

Celebrating festivals in the community on a larger and grander scale brings the entire community together and instills in each member a sense of pride and belongingness. They make extra efforts to go back to their roots and find out in depth knowledge of their history and ancient culture.

Along with an internal sense of belonging, a close sense of bonding is also formed between the local government and other private organizations who all team up as one for the upliftment of each other.

Provides a boost to the economy

Celebrating folk festivals attract a lot of tourists and visitors from neighboring areas too. And when so many outsiders visit the local area it generates lots of money which the economy of the community both at the festivals and in the village and surrounding areas. Tourists who come to participate in the festival need to spend money on entry fees, parking, food & drink, souvenirs, local handicrafts and much more. Outside if they spending a couple of days in the vicinity they would need to spend on boarding and lodging, restaurants, fuel stations, local shops and so on.


Folk festivals are a great way to market and advertise about local businesses and crafts. All the people who come to visit always go back with lots of inputs and share them with friends and family back home. Nowadays all such information and experiences are widely shared on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many others and this leads to a lot of free marketing and advertising to a huge number of people of which many respond positively and even come to visit and participate at local festivals subsequently.

Fostering stronger relationships with the community

Getting together and working towards a common celebration of festivals and other community events is the time when lots of bonding within the community takes place. Every member of the community feels proud to be associated with organizing and taking up responsibility in representing their culture and traditions to the outside world.

Teaching & Learning

Every occasion whether big or small, calls for some teaching and learning experiences. All the

guests and tourists who come from different cultures and backgrounds expect to learn new things, acquire some additional knowledge and go back more culturally rich. Some love to learn about the local handicrafts and even try their hands at learning some crafts. And all the local people who organize and conduct various workshops and activities at the festivals are more than happy to teach and oblige.   

The most popularly folk festivals the world over are the ones that combine music, dance and story-telling.  It is really hard to find an exhaustive or complete listing of folk festivals from all over the world but these are several organizations who are really doing a great job of organizing conducting and coordinating everything about the festivals are making all the information available to all those who are interested through the internet by creating special websites for every festival being held in their respective country, state or areas.  

Contact Talk Talk Number to know more details about any folk festival you are keen on knowing about. If you want to visit as a tourist and need to know details about dates and tickets you can directly call us or check our website. For performers and others who are festival organizers we can provide all the assistance you need and we can also help with promotions and advertising by arranging separate domains and organizing the web hosting to ensure wide publicity and maximum sharing. 

Let’s all reach out to all folk festival enthusiasts and revive and promote folk culture and folk festivals across the world.